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Care, comfort and well being one of prime importance to us.

At Kanta Sethi Hospital, we ensure the best treatment and care. Our experienced doctors are trained enough to aid any medical conditions We are committed to provide world class healthcare.

Decades of Experience

Our Doctors have years of experience in comprehensive medical treatment.

Advanced Healthcare

We have worlds most well developed public healthcare system.


Apart from physical healthcare, our support staff is well trained to provide emotional care to patients.

Popular Departments


We are specialized in General and Laparoscopic Surgery. We offer a wide variety of surgical treatment including Head & Neck, Thorax, Abdomen and other procedures.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

With a long and reputed track record of Obstetrics and Gynecology related care, Kanta Sethi has built a strong portfolio. We are not only excellent in providing timely care and treatment, but also in delivering post-natal care and advice.

General Healthcare

We offer consultation and healthcare services to treat General health complications and disorders. Our medicine specialists are highly trained in non-intrusive healthcare and treatment.

Our Mission

Kanta Sethi hospital is dedicated to quality care to patient towards all section of the society since 1992. We are committed to provide the best healthcare consultation and treatment to patients from diverse socio-economic background.

Under an skillful Leadership

Dr. Kapil Sethi has a long track record in general and laparoscopic surgery. His contribution to the society as a leading doctor in treating patients of low socio economic status and is recognized by the Government of India.
Dr. Sethi does provide free consultation service to patients.

Making quality healthcare affordable for all

Kanta Sethi Hospital is committed to its mission to provide quality healthcare to all sections of the society. We have a strong portfolio of social work and quality healthcare, which keeps us in close connection to the society we serve.

Are you suffering from any health issue ?

Do not neglect any health disorder or discomfort lightly. Consult a specialist and get well soon.

Patient Testimonials

All members of our team have a proven track record in delivering patient care to the highest standard and share a reputation for clinical excellence.

I am thankful to Dr. Kapil Sethi as well as all staff of Kanta Sethi. I have been through a complicated surgery and now I am completely OK. I had good experience with every support staff and Dr. Sethi is a kind person. Thank you very much.
Rohini, New Delhi
I will remain ever thankful to all doctors and nurses of Kanta Sethi Hospital. I had an emergency situation and my family found the hospital very good.
Rohini, New Delhi